Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mariposa County Fire Department Log

1-1241smallMariposa County Fire Department
Call Log

MCFD call log consists of twelve stations located
throughout the Mariposa community responding to 
countywide incidents.

Monday, April 14 thru Sunday, April 20

EMS - 15

Fire - 2 Vegetation, 1Vehicle, 1 Structure

Public Assist - 1

Auto Collision - 1

Roadside fires are on the rise. Please check your vehicles for problems such as:

-Low hanging tow chains that can drag and cause sparks.
-Catalytic converter melt down that emits hot sparks from the tail pipe.

If you have to pull off the roadway for any reason, please avoid areas with any kind of vegetation that can touch the hot exhaust system and catch fire.
And please, NEVER discard cigarettes or any flammable substances along the highway.

We are Neighbors helping Neighbors - Help us Help you by volunteering today!

If you are 18 years of age and possess a valid CA driver's license, we would love to hear from you! Positions are available for fire, medical, and various support duties. No experience necessary - we will train you! - Please call (209) 966-4330 today for more information!

Please take precautions:

* Call the Burn Day Information Line at (209) 966-1200 to make sure it is a permissible burn day.
* Make sure your vegetation pile is a maximum of 4'x 4'.
* Clear all flammable material and vegetation within 10 feet of the edge of the pile.
* Keep a water supply close to the burning site.
* An adult should be in attendance with a shovel until the fire is out.

No burning should be undertaken unless weather conditions (particularly wind) are such that burning can be considered safe.

Driving Reminder
Mariposa County Fire Department would like to remind you to limit possible distractions that could take your attention away from driving.  When driving at high speeds on our mountain roads it is of the utmost importance you concentrate on the roads, your vehicle and the weather conditions.  A distraction of just a split second can be disastrous.
* Also, Please remember that burning restrictions are in effect throughout the County. Make sure to call the burn line at 209-966-1200 before considering any residential burning.

Thank You

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