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Mariposa County 2011 Year in Review - February

A month by month look back at the top stories for 2011: February 2011.

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February 1, 2011 Mariposa County Board of Supervisors (BOS) Meeting
Brad Aborn mentioned the sign ordinance and that a vehicle is parking on the 140 in Mariposa advertising a coffee shop and that some sort of enforcement is needed. Mr. Aborn also mentioned about a tourist map advertising the small businesses. Supervisor Turpin mentioned a meeting with Supervisor Allen, the CAO, Rick Benson, Auditor William Davis and a couple of citizens from North County about the unfunded pension liabilities. Mr Turpin said it must be addressed. Supervisor Janet Bibby mentioned the sign ordinance and how she is for enforcement, that CalTrans came to town because of a citizen complaint about the signs and other items. Supervisor Jim Allen mentioned the meeting with the Auditor about the unfunded pension liability. Mr Allen said right now the pensions are a moving target and other items.
Auditor William Davis presented information regarding the resolution of employee share of FICA Taxes paid by the County and not reimbursed to the County (2010 FICA Back Tax Payment Correction). The CAO mentioned the Solid Waste Composting Facility is still owed $3,023,000 and is scheduled to be paid off in 2043. The payment for 2010 was $127,734.00

Mariposa Soroptimist Presents Violet Richardson Award
to Tana DeSandres.

Northern Mariposa County History Center's 'Memories Of Coulterville' Wine & Tea Party

Governors Budget Proposal Puts the Mariposa County Fair and 28 other California Fairs at Risk of Closure

Mariposa County 9-11 Memorial on the Drawing Board

Fire on Leonard Road Destroys Home

February 8, 2011 Mariposa County Board of Supervisors (BOS) Meeting (With Audio)
Public Presentation
Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce President Lester Bridges mentioned a meeting he attended at the Government Center concerning new bike routes being proposed in Mariposa County and how well attended it was.
Ruth Catalan mentioned the sandwich boards in Mariposa, that they are proliferating, blocking the sidewalks and why can't the sheriff round up the boards. Supervisor Jim Allen mentions that the 140 signs are CalTrans responsibility not the Sheriff. Ruth mentions the other streets in town and Mr. Allen responds that that is different.
Board Information
Supervisor Janet Bibby mentions that we have a sign ordinance in place and those that are non-conforming are in violation as of 2006. She mentions a meeting that was held with Supervisor Cann and the Risk Manager. She said CalTrans is looking at this and that their legal department is reviewing it. She said the last thing we want to do is take enforcement action. She mentioned the rumors about schools that are being looked at for closure and other items.
52:00 Supervisor Kevin Cann mentioned the sign ordinance and that we will enforce the sign ordinance, that the county has a part time code enforcement person, that a presentation will be given to the BOS and that things have to change. Other items were also mentioned.

The February 3, 2011 Mariposa County Business Association had a discussion on the Sign Ordinance
Kevin Cann was the first speaker on this subject. He said that he had not anticipated a citizen would file a detailed complaint to CalTrans. He said he has not been in contact with CalTrans since the letter was sent to CalTrans. He talks about the 15 year grace period that expired in 2006. He said we either have to implement it or modify it.

Mariposa County Fair On 'At Risk' of Closing List

Mariposa Soroptimist Presents 2010 Women’s Opportunity Award
to Arlyne Boyer.

February 15, 2011 Mariposa County Board of Supervisors (BOS) Meeting (With Audio)
Departmental Presentation
Mariposa County Heath Officer Dr. Mosher talks about preparing and selling food from home kitchens.
He mentions that about 5,000 people die every year from food borne illness, that the department follows the California code book, the Food Code, that mentions that you cannot use your home kitchen to prepare food for commercial purposes with two exceptions, baked goods prepared by non profit entities for fund raising purposes and pre-packaged non perishable items. He mentions a local candy maker who has built a kitchen separate from the house and that there are a couple of others in the community who also have separate kitchens and that they are working on a policy about community kitchens.
Public Presentation
Ruth Sellers talks about the home kitchens.
Eleanor Keuning talks about the home kitchens and transient food preparers.
Brad Aborn mentions the Mariposa County Airport. He mentions that the county turned down a $100,000 a year to another company to run the airport. He also wants to go on record as rescinding his vote on the airport as far as supporting the operation at the airport. He mentions the Williamson Act enforcement and that the state may cite the county for non enforcement. He mentions the Social Security payback by the county workers if there was a conflict of interest on the vote by sitting Board of Supervisors.
Allan Claunch, owner of Outdoor Creations of Merced who had a $61,000 contract out at the Don Pedro Waste Station to install equipment and landscaping materials. He completed the one year warranty and there was less than a 10% plant casualty. The project was written off as a success. He then received an Email in October 2010 to meet at the job site because of substantial plant loss. They did a walkthrough and he found damage to the plants due to weed eaters and herbicide. (He has submitted a $30,000 bid to replace the damage.)
Item Number 4 - PUBLIC HEARING to Provide Citizens an Opportunity to Comment/Recommend Activities for Preparation of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Application(s) in FY 2011-2012
Marilyn Lidyoff, Mariposa County Business Development Coordinator mentioned that for every $35,000 that is borrowed one full time position must be provided.
Ruth Catalan mentioned that at a minimum there are 39 youth in the county that have no permanent residence.
Eleanor Keuning also mentioned the homeless, that there are 60 homeless youth in Mariposa.

Item Number 5 - Approve a Two-Year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Effective November 1, 2010.
Mariposa County CAO Rick Benson mentions that this is a two year agreement, a two tier retirement that has all new hires beginning in July 2011 change from 2.7 at 55 to 2.0 at 55 along with the highest three years wages instead of the current one year high wage. There is no pay increase but there is a $37 monthly provision increase given to each employee for health benefits. Also the county has a specific right to implement layoffs and furloughs at any time.
Item Number 6 - Approve the Purchase of Real Property Located at 5101 Bullion Street in Mariposa (APN# 013-125-001 & 013-125-002), and Authorize the County Administrative Officer to Sign any other Documents Necessary to Complete the Purchase; Authorize the Auditor to Draw a Warrant for the Purchase Price and Escrow Costs in the Amount of $245,296.74 from the Courthouse Construction Fund.
Total price is around $255,000.
Brad Aborn commends the board for this purchase.
Ruth Sellers would like to see the white house on the property be relocated.

The Mariposa County Solid Waste Task Force Committee Recommends Raising the Rates to $5.00 a 32 gallon bag at the Transfer Stations (With Audio)

Saturday February 19, 2011 Snow Photos in Mariposa County

Peter Schimmelfennig the Executive Director of the Mariposa County Chamber of Commerce Steps Down

Red Fox Restaurant Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in Mariposa, California

February 22, 2011 Mariposa County Board of Supervisors (BOS) Meeting (With Audio)

Departmental Information
Mariposa County Fire Chief Jim Wilson
comments on the previous weekends storm that brought heavy wet snow to the county. Mr. Wilson mentions that 1,500 customers were without power at the peak, that the Greeley Hill area of the county was hit really hard. There was a structure fire in Greeley Hill with little damage to the house but the family was displaced. Supervisor Lyle Turpin talks about clearing the trees in the area from the power lines.
Public Presentation
Brad Aborn mentions about the change of the name at the airport
in the Sierra Telephone Yellow Pages. He talks about what he said about rescinding his vote at last weeks BOS meeting. He read a letter that he had sent March 26, 2010 to CAO Rick Benson.
Supervisor Kevin Cann responds to Mr. Aborn's comments. He asks Mr. Aborn to mentions specifics and that he (Aborn) voted for the airport. He says that Brad as a former supervisor has a different role at the podium, that he made flagrant allegations last week towards the BOS about Williams Act violations and the FAA.
Marvin Wells mentions Fire Chief Jim Wilson and the 9/11 Artifacts.
Mr. Wilson talks about the pieces from the World Trade Center and where to place them in the county. View the Channel 30 Video.
Item 3 Administration Approve a Two-Year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (DSA) for the Term of October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2012, and Authorize the Board of Supervisors Chair to Sign the MOU; Authorize the Auditor to Transfer Appropriations to each Affected Budget Unit in order to Implement Provisions of the MOU. 4 Administration Approve a Two-Year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Sheriffs’ Management Association (SMA) for the Term of October 1, 2010 through September 30, 2012

Mariposa County Planning Commission Meeting February 18, 2011 (With Audio)
2011 General Plan Annual Report
Among the 2010 accomplishments: Comprehensive Road standards worked on, Ag and Nature Tourism, Williamson Act changes, Amendments to Title 17 include B&B's to have five rooms in the town of Mariposa and other items. The Cathey's Valley Plan was worked on. Economic Development had the Micro Enterprise Loan Program begin with two businesses receiving loans. No residential units have been constructed for low or very low income residents in the past year. Airport lease program with KMPI was instituted. Maps have been corrected and General Plan Zoning Amendment for the Yosemite Adventure Ranch (Gold Rush Zip Line Park).

Mariposa County Grand Jury investigates the Lake Don Pedro Community Services District

Cathey's Valley School Students Ride a Fire Engine to School as Top Reading Award

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