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Mariposa Symphony Orchestra's 2011 Young Master Composers Celebration (With Audio)


2011 Young Master Composers (l-r) Coury Jones and Hayvon Wilson

At the Mariposa Symphony Orchestra's 9th Season Independence Day Spectacular! Concert on Saturday, July 2, 2011 the orchestra celebrated the 2011 Young Master Composers Celebration with music selections composed by the following:

The Magic Elf by Coury Jones (7) Soon-to-be Woodland third-grader Coury is a piano student of Gail Vanderslik and enjoys music camp most summers. Coury has 5 cats and a dog and enjoys swim team—and of course, playing music. Coury’s first piano recital, after only a few months of lessons, was held in February of this year.

Spring by Hayvon Wilson (8) Hayvon loves playing with instruments and “Mom says I loved making music even before I can remember.” Hayvon is the youngest in a family of grown siblings and loves animals with pets including 3 dogs, a cat and 2 rats; hobbies include gymnastics lessons and playing sports such as soccer and softball.

Deep, Dark and Mysterious by Osha Jackson (10) Osha is a student of Gail Vanderslik (playing piano for 5 years) and just completed an initial year of membership in the Mariposa Elementary School band on the trumpet. Pets abound: 3 dogs, 2 cats and chickens. Osha enjoys playing video games, reading, and playing with the cats.

Relentless by Michael Cecil (14) Michael recently joined the MSO on cello but also plays violin and piano. He enjoys reading and listening to music, and has a string playing family (three other family members are also MSO musicians.) Mother Debra is a Suzuki-method string instructor. Michael notes that composing is “fun.” Bravo!

Dreaming by Emily Croft (15) As far back as she can remember, Emily “would sit at the piano and figure out how to play songs.” She began piano lessons with Doris Taylor at age 7 shortly after moving to California and is now on the last level. Emily has 4 cats, “Maddie” the puppy and “lots of frogs and crickets.” She enjoys writing books.

Wander Alone Until Morning by Juliana Bodfish (16) A trumpet player for nine years, Juliana enjoys composing music and experimenting with timbres, harmonies and unusual meters (her piece includes 5/4 and 7/4 meters.) She enjoys writing poetry, stories and drawing, strolling, dancing and her miniature Schnauzer named Liebchen.


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