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April 20, 2018 - Her life didn’t start at birth. The life of a baby begins long before she is born. A new individual human being is conceived at the moment of fertilization. Her life has begun. If that life is not interrupted, she will grow to adulthood.

  • She was alive at birth, about 38 weeks after conception.
  • She was alive at 24 weeks when she weighed less than two pounds.
  • She was alive at 20 weeks when she was able to feel pain.
  • She was alive at 11 weeks when all her organ systems were in place.
  • She was alive at 18 days when her heart began its first halting beats.
  • She was alive at conception.

To assist this educational effort, send tax deductible donations to: Mariposa Prolife, P.O. Box 1040, Mariposa, CA. 95338

Visit National Right to Life at: www.nrlc.org.

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