Mariposa County Department of Child Support Services Announces
August is 'Child Support Awareness Month'

CSAM-2014-road-of-lifeChildren grow up to do better in all areas of their lives when they are able to maintain meaningful relationships with both parents.  Yet, many noncustodial parents are minimally engaged with their children. A 2013 U.S. Census Bureau study reported that nearly two-thirds of noncustodial parents have little or no contact with their children.

To encourage parents to stay involved, the California Department of Child Support Services, in partnership with the 51 local child support agencies in counties throughout the state, is commemorating this year's Child Support Awareness Month by spreading its message:

"On the road of life, their future starts with you."

Children have a right to be supported by both parents for their financial, medical and emotional needs. The mission of the DCSS is to enhance the well-being of children and the self-sufficiency of families by providing child support services to anyone who wants or needs them. 

Last year, the department and the local child support agencies collected and distributed more than $2.3 billion in child support on behalf of the 1.4 million children and families that participate in the California Child Support Program.
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