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December 5, 2022 - Full coverage Wi-Fi in our homes is something we’ve all come to expect. We want to stream our favorite shows, play online games, and remotely control our thermostat, lights, and appliances.  Doing all of these activities requires a strong Wi-Fi connection.

2020 WHWF 1Many homes have Wi-Fi dead spots because they are not well suited for a single Wi-Fi router. Video buffering, lagging games, and non-responsive devices are all symptoms of inadequate Wi-Fi coverage. This disrupts online activities, causes movies to pixelate or freeze and connections are lost while attempting to stream, work, or play. Furthermore, common issues, such as barriers and distance, cause poor Wi-Fi performance.

Barriers include simple things like the floors, doors, and walls of your home that are between you and your Wi-Fi signal, especially if they’re made of metal, brick, or concrete. Obstacles such as mirrors and bodies also block the signal.

2020 WHWF 2Additionally, distance also plays a factor in poor Wi-Fi performance.  Excessive distances between your devices and Wi-Fi router cause your Wi-Fi connection to become slow or unresponsive. But, you don’t have to suffer anymore!
To combat poor Wi-Fi performance, Sierra Tel offers Whole Home Wi-Fi Service. This service creates a true mesh network in your space, providing a powerful seamless signal throughout your home –capable of overcoming Wi-Fi obstacles. 

2020 WiFi 3

Parental controls and Wi-Fi sharing features are also provided. With the Whole Home Wi-Fi app, you can easily set up internet access schedules for your kids’ devices, or add guest access to your Wi-Fi network without compromising your network’s security.

Forget about dead spots, buffering, and drop-offs with the Sierra Tel Whole Home Wi-Fi Service, starting at just $10.00 per month plus installation. From the backyard to the hallway, and garage - get amazing Wi-Fi everywhere in your home.  Let our local, dependable professionals install and optimize a worry-free Whole Home Wi-Fi network.

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