Pastors Corner 200September 22, 2020 - The passage that we are to look at today is Matthew 16:1-4. A short section of Scripture for sure but there are a few interesting points to make. If you have followed along this far you have seen Christ do many things. We have read about many of his miracles and we also have read some of what he has taught. It all brings us to this point that we see today. We read still that the religious leaders of the day still wanted to test Jesus and they asked him to show them a sign from heaven. In other words, they sought to have one more sign to prove he is the Messiah.

Instead of Christ performing another miracle like healing the sick or feeding thousands of people with just small amount of food, he starts to teach. Christ compares the signs of who he is to how the leaders could easily tell that there was a storm that was about to happen. Yet they still asked for more signs.

Elder Wynter Sturtevant

Before we start to distance ourselves from the story, remember that we are all too often like the religious leaders. I’m sure all have done the thing of asking God for a sign that [insert whatever] happens when what really mean is that we want God to do this thing for us. We are experts at missing signs. If left to our own devices, we would be lost in the confusion and spiritual darkness.

But the Christian message is not that we are alone, but that Christ has given us all. His nail pierced hands and feet has gifted us grace and mercy. We find justification. Truly, by the power of Christ you are forgiven.

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