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a3 Mariposa Auto Trim

Originally Published on: Tuesday, 17 March 2015

After 26 years of business at 5176-D Hwy. 49 North, George Sgambellone has moved to a new location at 6041 Carter Road, Mariposa.

George installs all types of automotive glass from windshields to side windows and back windows. From small cars to motor homes no job is too big or small. The glass inventory includes Chevy, Ford, Toyota, and Navistar trucks, plus others.

George also handles all the insurance billing for you.

If your window refuses to go up or down George will fix it fast.

George also makes repairs to auto interiors from rips in new cars to restoring the complete interior of your vintage automobile.

Future plans include a mobile glass install where George will repair your auto glass at your convenience at your location at the time you choose.

Please call ahead to be certain that we will be available to meet your needs prior to your arrival.

Email: mariposaautotrim@gmail.com

Phone: (209) 742-6664

Cell: (209) 988-8480

Facebook: Mariposa Auto Trim and Auto Glass

One of George Sgambellone's recently completed automobiles is the restored red leather interior of the 1926 Ford owned by Mike & Mary Bass