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new melones lake credit usbr
New Melones Lake 
Credit: USBR

June 11, 2021 - SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Bureau of Reclamation is continuing increased flow releases from New Melones Reservoir to assist with Delta outflow requirements.

Additional flow releases began on the lower Stanislaus River on June 10. The increased flow of 1,500 cubic feet per second will occur for an extended duration.   

Increased river flow can create hazardous conditions including higher water levels, faster currents, colder water, and potential entrapment. Portions of the lower Stanislaus River have limited cell phone coverage and hazardous terrain that can delay rescue efforts. Recreationists and visitors should take safety precautions when near or on the lower Stanislaus River during these increased flows.

For more information on Central Valley Project operations, visit https://www.usbr.gov/mp/cvo/.
Source: BOR