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Celebrate Art!
 Yosemite Foothills Open Studio Tour

 Friday, Saturday & Sunday September 30th, October 1st & 2nd 2016

The upcoming 2016 Sierra Art Trails open studio tour has many talented artists.  The Sierra Sun Times will be featuring a sampling 
of several area artists each week leading up to the show.  Check back regularly to see who the next featured artist will be.

Norma Eaton
Mixed Media

Norma Eaton Self Port DrawingArtist Bio: Norma Eaton is a landscape artist with a background in graphic art living in California with a home in Oregon, too.  Primarily she works in collage with papers she paints herself using a variety of techniques and textures to create realistic landscapes.  She then cuts out shapes from these painted papers and glues them to a surface with clear permanent acrylic gel medium.  Her art can be viewed at the Bakersfield Art Center, 1607 19th Street or you can visit Norma on Facebook.

Pictured: Norma Eaton, self portrait drawing.

Artist Statement: Norma’s passion is landscape.  A transplant from Oregon, she learned to love nature at an early age, when her family moved from North Dakota.  “I love locations that feel “protective, sheltering”.  These are MY favorite images.”  She also paints flowers and occasionally people.  She began painting seriously in 2001 in Oregon after her children were gone to college.  She began in watercolor, which she found frustrating.  One day she experimented with collage and has not looked back.  “My brain seems to work best when dealing with shapes.”  Which collage demands since the pieces have to be cut out.  She discovers new ways every year to depict the things she sees.  Her favorite self-painted paper she calls “smoosh” paper because the colors are smooshed together.  She discovered this method working with children after school and adapted it to her own uses.  She uses it in skies, tree trunks, rivers and much more.  See if you can identify these papers when you view her work.

Norma Eaton 15 San Simeon Cove SunsetSan Simeon Cove Sunset

Norma Eaton Row of CrowsRow of Crows

To learn more about Sierra Art Trails please contact: Stellar Gallery, 40982 Hwy 41, Suite 1, Oakhurst CA 93644 (559) 658-8844, email: info@sierraarttrails.org or visit us on the web at: SierraArtTrails.org. You can also visit the Sierra Art Trails on Facebook.
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