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Celebrate Art!
 Yosemite Foothills Open Studio Tour

 Friday, Saturday & Sunday September 30th, October 1st & 2nd 2016

The upcoming 2016 Sierra Art Trails open studio tour has many talented artists.  The Sierra Sun Times will be featuring a sampling 
of several area artists each week leading up to the show.  Check back regularly to see who the next featured artist will be.

Gay Abarbanell

Gay AbarbanellNature is full of magical abstracts, capturing that essential magic excites me and keeps me walking through the world, camera in hand.

Line, color, shape expand the fun as I try to find new ways to express that excitement. I particularly enjoy ‘abstracting’ the vision. Sometimes I do it subtly, as by softening an image, at other times by capturing a small part of a whole or by adding motion. I find the most fun in finding the actual abstract ‘live’ in the world I see.

My artist father taught me darkroom techniques from a ‘footlocker’ as we traveled by ship from Guam to the US, I was 9. This started me on my journey as a photographer and since then I have studied with contemporary professionals such as George Lepp and DeWitt Jones.

During the intervening years I progressed from my “Brownie” camera and film to pro Canon equipment and ultimately to digital. I love digital for the many conveniences it offers and the many things we can do with such ease.

I have also explored poetry writing, watercolor and fabric painting, ceramics, sculptures and other three dimensional work from various materials. I found each provided another avenue for self-expression and fun. They also give me new techniques to incorporate into my photography.

Though I still strive to capture the image and produce the picture ‘as I saw it’. I have recently, for fun, been ‘modifying’ images. These “Digital Photo Paintings” have given me another path for my ‘Creativity Unlimited’. 
Images flow in and through me and my camera in a spirit dance which I strive to share in my photography. The beauty and mystery of the unique and the mundane beckon to be expressed in unusual, creative and even abstract forms. I incorporate line, color, shape and imagination to create exciting images!
Come share the MAGIC!
Gay can be reached at: (559) 877-4867 or email gaya926@gmail.com

Sierra Art Trails Gay Abarbanell Merced River Yosemite

Sierra Art Trails Gay Abarbanell Melody in Blue

Sierra Art Trails Gay Abarbanell Sunset Bass Lake

To learn more about Sierra Art Trails please contact: Stellar Gallery, 40982 Hwy 41, Suite 1, Oakhurst CA 93644 (559) 658-8844, email: info@sierraarttrails.org or visit us on the web at: SierraArtTrails.org. You can also visit the Sierra Art Trails on Facebook.
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