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Celebrate Art!
 Yosemite Foothills Open Studio Tour

 Friday, Saturday & Sunday September 30th, October 1st & 2nd 2016

The upcoming 2016 Sierra Art Trails open studio tour has many talented artists.  The Sierra Sun Times will be featuring a sampling 
of several area artists each week leading up to the show.  Check back regularly to see who the next featured artist will be.

Jeremy Obers
Mixed Media

Jeremy ObersI began reducing rock to lithic art/stone tools in 2011, focusing on knives in antler which I haft, sinew wrap and seal.  I began carving handles from local and exotic woods in 2013.

These are not weapons or a representation of such. They are a representation of an important link from the past, from our ancestors, who without their ability to create stone tools for survival, we may not exist today.  Everything which now exists, is a progression of a development process to improve what was once just an idea‚Ķ..stone tools, the wheel, fire and the computer age.

The difference in the need for utilitarian tools to Lithic Art, is the unique and exotic material used as well as a technique which is closer and closer to a flawless art form.  Prolithic Creation stone tools are an art form for display and wonderment. 

Many of my hand crafted stone implements are replicas of actual tools used throughout prehistoric times.  The style of stone reduction, to an eventual tool, is either percussion, pressure flaking or a combination of the two.  Marvel at the complex beauty in these stone works, as well as the detail which is accomplished by striking one surface with another.

My desire is to create a unique art form which offers a feeling of satisfaction when admired on display or while held in hand.

Jeremy will be at artist location #92 in Anahata at 5031 Hwy. 140 in Mariposa (across from Coast Hardware.)  To see more of Jeremy's work visit his website at: ProlithicCreation.com.  Jeremy can be reached by phone at: (209) 614-7145.

Sierra Art Trails Jeremy Obers bladeSierra Art Trails Jeremy Obers blade 2Sierra Art Trails Jeremy Obers knives

To learn more about Sierra Art Trails please contact: Stellar Gallery, 40982 Hwy 41, Suite 1, Oakhurst CA 93644 (559) 658-8844, email: info@sierraarttrails.org or visit us on the web at: SierraArtTrails.org. You can also visit the Sierra Art Trails on Facebook
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